If we let God build his church, what would it look like?

Why House Church?

Let’s be clear, only the Holy Spirit is capable of igniting the Church. There’s nothing inherently wrong with large gatherings in church buildings. And meeting in homes isn’t the answer to all the Church’s problems. That being said, we believe that whatever structure we do have should be most conducive to the leading and empowering of the Spirit, and it should lend itself to the most important aspects of the Christian life, like fellowship, discipleship, faithfulness, and evangelism.

If we teach that fellowship with other believers is an essential piece of the Christian life, then our structure shouldn’t teach that it’s optional. If we teach that consumerism is bad and that every believer has something to offer to the Body, then our main gatherings shouldn’t be centered around one leader’s gifting. If we truly care about church leaders being faithful to God, no matter what the cost, then there shouldn’t be so much pressure to keep people around in order to fund our ministries and fill our buildings.

Is it possible that what most people call “church” is actually one of the greatest idols in the Church? We believe there is another way that is more biblical and more strategic. 

The Vision

A Church that only God can build.